Baby Reading Gear BrochureA true testiment to the work we do is from the people we serve. Below just a few of those honest opinions…

“When I began attending GEAR support group meetings, my daughter was a preschooler. GEAR provided numerous workshops to parents. I began my experience with the Children’s Behavioral Health System and learning to advocate for my daughter after attending a series of advocacy workshops provided by GEAR. After completing the workshops, I was able to learn a great deal about the Special Education System, including my daughter’s Special Education Rights, how to determine what my child’s needs were, how to ask for services to meet her needs, as well as how to access services within my community and what was available."
Deanne Beane, GEAR Parent Volunteer

“This support group for parents of children with special needs has given me a greater understanding of myself, an acceptance of my human imperfections, even as I continue to strive for a greater quality of life. I feel it is so important to be able to relate with others who have “been there”; who go through the same trials I do, without casting judgement upon me."
Annoymous Parent

"The caring is genuine and heartfelt. I experience frustration and uncertainty in a crisis, but I know that I am not alone. I am free to share my feelings amongst those who are sincere and supportive of my efforts, and where I feel safe to express my pain. I am encouraged to continue trying and reinforced by those who have tried methods and had positive results. One step at a time, to a greater understanding of myself and the needs of my 'special child.'"
Annoymous Parent

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